A WHISTLE-BLOWING complaint about an elderly male patient found dead at a bus stop after being left there in the early hours following his discharge from a Dudley hospital allegedly led to a security manager losing his job, a tribunal heard.

Former police officer David Ore of Wolverhampton Street, Dudley, complained about clinical staff from the Dudley Group of Hospitals discharging the patient from an emergency department and said he was “escorted off the site by security in the early hours”.

Mr Ore said in a Birmingham Employment Tribunal witness statement: “He was left at the bus stop and found dead there several hours later. The respondents put the blame on security staff.”

Mr Ore, who was employed as group security manager, said the bus stop incident triggered a series of whistle-blowing allegations he went on to make about the restraining methods of patients.

He was making legal claims for unfair dismissal and detriment, for making whistle-blowing allegations, against the Dudley Hospitals Group NHS Foundation Trust.

Mr Ore said in his statement :”The respondents had no policy to deal with the restraining of patients by security. Several incidents involving the required level of restraint were questionable.

"I was concerned about the restraining of patients who had not been assessed under the Mental Capacity Act.

“Some patients have been kept in hospital against their wishes and sometimes with force. I wanted assessments made of their mental health.”

Mr Ore said in his statement that in 2011 there had been a number of violent incidents on wards which led to patients complaining about “excessive force by security against them."

He also said he had been told about allegations of bribery over hospital contracts.

He complained he lost his job after making the whistle-blowing allegations and said he had faced detriment as a result.

Mr Ore alleged: “The respondents have destroyed my reputation."

The respondents opposed Mr Ore’s legal claims and denied the allegations.

They accused Mr Ore of dishonesty and said they suspended him at one stage. He was eventually re-instated but was later made redundant.

The case has been listed for eight days and a decision is expected at a later date.