A LOVEABLE donkey who starred in a Christmas nativity play at Belbroughton Holy Trinity church, has passed away.

Kenny the donkey came from Droitwich, to live at the Animal Sanctuary and Protection, which is based in Belbroughton.

Gaye Hadley, finance manager at the animal sanctuary, said that Kenny would be sadly missed by all who knew him.

“He was a lovely donkey,” she said.

“You could love him, you could cuddle him, and he has been our mascot.”

During Christmas carols, Kenny would often move his lips up and down as though he was joining in with the singers.

The donkey was named after a man at Bromsgrove market named Ken, who used to give Gaye’s granddaughter, Alice, sweets.

Now, Kenny’s companion Dotty the donkey, will be taking over his part in the Christmas nativity.

Gaye added: “We have got to hope his companion, Dotty, will be sensible enough to do the nativity but I doubt it, she is a bit of a lady.”

Kenny, aged 30, sadly passed away from old age.