A HAGLEY human rights activist this week continued his high-profile campaign calling for the release of the last Brit in Guantanamo Bay.

Consultant neurologist and Amnesty International member Dr David Nicholl and Amnesty’s Northern Ireland director Patrick Corrigan raised the case of Shaker Aamer – who has been imprisoned since February 2002 without trial or charge – at the US Consulate in Belfast yesterday (Tuesday).

Belfast-born Dr Nicholl also later delivered a speech on the force feeding of hunger-striking detainees at a conference at the University of Ulster.

He said: “Shaker’s ongoing detention is having an appalling effect, not just on his health, but on those of his family, especially his wife - all of whom are British citizens.

“I am appalled that anyone can be locked up for 13 years of their life without ever being charged with or tried for a criminal offence.”

US President Barack Obama is reported to have said he would “prioritise” the case of Mr Aamer, whose family lives in London, after Prime Minister David Cameron raised it during a visit to Washington.

But Dr Nicholl said: “We want him to be the next person to be released from Guantanamo Bay.”

The 46-year-old Saudi-born detainee, who has never seen his youngest son, is believed to be suffering from a range of medical problems, including post-traumatic stress disorder.

His plight and worsening condition has prompted more than 19,000 people to sign a new Amnesty petition (www.amnesty.org.uk/shaker) calling for his release without delay.