MANAGERS: Helen Payton; Alison Bristow; Kate Skidmore

Missfits are now in their 12th year helping ladies of all ages, shapes and sizes to lose weight, tone up and reduce stress.

As Missfits owner Alison Little explained: "Between 80-90 per cent of our ladies had never been to a gym before in their life.

" Many feel very self-conscious about their age or weight. Once they visit the club, these fears are soon put behind them, as they see the testimonials from real women achieving real results.

"We offer a mother and daughter membership from teenage daughters to Mums of all ages (60's, 70's and even 80's).

"Its great to see mothers and daughters working out together not only encouraging one another, but also building a stronger bond as they work towards a common goal."

By following our healthy eating plan, and personal fitness programme, with just two visits per week you will start to see results within just four weeks. With an improved diet and just two hours of exercise a week you can start to feel like a new woman with improved confidence and higher self esteem.

Now, with our Gold Star Slimming Club you can receive pampering treats at our Kingswinford salon for free. Every lb lost earns you a gold star and every seven gold stars earns you free treatments, from eyebrow shape & tint up to inchwrap slimming treatments worth £32. All this from as little as £6.53 per week.

The staff here at Missfits are totally dedicated to helping ladies change the way they look or fell. With the majority of the girls having worked for the club for over five years and some right from the start, it is clear that they genuinely enjoy their work.

It has to be said that they play a huge role in making Missfits a real fun, friendly place to exercise yet still understanding how hard it can be for ladies to walk through that door for the first time.

Don't put it off any longer ring today and let us help you to achieve your goals for 2007. Missfits Ladies Health Clubs - Your life choice.

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