MANAGER: Chris Atkins

Organic Veggie boxes - so what's that all about then?'Veggie boxes' have a long tradition in organic farming and the Flights Orchard Organics box scheme is no different - we've been supplying the local community with produce from our farm for over ten years!

All, or the majority, of the produce in any true' veg box scheme is grown on the farm supplying the boxes or comes from a group of neighbouring farms. Flights Orchard Organics' produce comes directly from Flights Orchard Farm or from our growers group of nine local organic farmers.

It is always seasonal and this enables John Davenport, co director of Flights Orchard Organics and local organic farmer, to predict demand, and minimise wastage.

John said: "Twenty-five years ago when I started farming many of my friends thought I was mad - it was financial suicide to go small scale AND organic in those days!

"But I was adamant I wanted to produce healthy crops with extra taste and health benefits in sync with the environment and the seasons.

"In return for your support of our small group of ethical farmers and growers, you'll receive the very best organic produce from their fields and orchards.

"Now you can enjoy all the benefits of food grown in rich organic soil without leaving your front door!"

Buying local food eliminates the climate damage of air and lorry food miles'. "As a general rule, follow 'the proximity principle' and avoid air freighted produce" says Chris Atkins, the vegbox man for the local area.

"Buy potatoes, sprouts, carrots, cabbage, strawberries, apples, pears, and all the other types of vegetables and fruit that thrive here, from within your own bio-region. Buy food and drink, in season, and from local growers - use a veggie box scheme, like ours, that is based here on your doorstep!"

When talking local' food what it in fact means is regional' food.

The Soil Association, the organic standards regulator, uses a guideline of a 60-mile radius from the farm supplying the food. Flights Orchard Organics keeps it local, within the confines of this guideline, and only delivers within the West Midlands. What's in the box? Each week you have a selection of the freshest local produce - some of which will be exotic,' but all of which will be hand picked and packed.

Having a regular box helps our growers plan their crops and means week-by-week, we can plan the freshest and most cost-friendly selection.

All in all you will get a box that is varied and interesting but won't over-stretch your budget or your culinary skills!

Our fruit and veg boxes are delivered weekly or fortnightly; with a range of box sizes offered to ensure you get maximum value for money.

You can pick a vegetable or fruit only box, or a combination of the two.

We also supply other organic produce such as organic eggs, apple juice, mushrooms, wines, beers and ciders and other household necessities such as jams, teas, coffee, muesli, porridge, chutneys and household cleaning products!

Areas covered: Halesowen and surrounding areas, Stourbridge, right down to Tewkesbury and all points inbetween.

Visit the website www.flightsorchard or send an email to