CHOOSING the right wine for the right occasion is an art so we've hand-picked wines from all four corners of the earth to perfectly match your social calendar.

Carino Sparkling Pinot Grigio NV (Italy) This is a fantastic fizz.

A fragrance of exotic fruits gives way to a palate packed with pineapple and banana flavours. Delicious while nibbling on a picnic of shellfish, grilled chicken, soup and tasty cheeses.

High Altitude Unoaked Chardonnay 2005 (Argentina) Slip on your sunnies and pour yourself a glass of this easy-drinking unoaked Chardonnay. Characterised by pineapple and tropical fruit aromas, this medium to full-bodied white has refreshing acidity and subtle hints of peaches with a zesty finish. Great with roast meats, salmon and foccacia bread.

Trapiche Sauvignon Blanc 2005 (Argentina) To help you get into the mood, crack open a bottle of this Sauvignon Blanc which is bursting with fresh aromas of grapefruit and asparagus.

Its citrus and grapefruit character and dry crispy finish will hit the spot when enjoyed with a snack of smoked fish, white meats and gratins.

Chileno Merlot Rosé 2005 (Chile) If you're heading for the beach lie back, listen to the lap of the waves on the shore and take a sip of this easy drinking rosé.

Fresh aromas of summer fruits give way to berries on the palate combined with a lively acidity. It's a great match for a lunch on-deck of grilled fish, barbequed chicken, pasta, salads and light creamy cheeses.

Pasqua Pink Pinot Grigio 2004 (Italy) This is an easy-drinking, delicate Italian rosé.

It's a well-balanced, harmonious and fruity wine with good structure, floral scents and hints of pear and apricot.

Serve chilled in a big glass while nibbling daintily on a picnic of fish paté, light salads and vegetable quiches.

Sutter Home Fre White Zinfandel 2004 (California) Drinking and driving don't mix, so instead crack open a bottle of this alcohol-Free White Zinfandel.

Pale salmon in colour, this rosé has aromas of cherry, strawberries and cranberries and berry-like flavours. Served chilled, it's the perfect non-alcoholic partner to snacks of spicy chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, dips and crisps.

Firebird Legend Cabernet Sauvignon 2003 (Moldova) This medium-bodied Cabernet has aromas of ripe cassis and blackcurrant.

Its integrated tannins and long, fruity finish make it a great wine to take to a warm evening at the outdoor theatre.

So stick a few cold sausages, fresh tomatoes, ripe brie and baguettes in a basket, pour yourself a large glass and the evening will be a Midsummer Night's Dream come true.

Sutter Home Merlot 2004 (California) Lie back, chill out and be bowled over by this mellow Merlot.

With smoky black cherry aromas, hints of tobacco and herbal spice, this red is perfect for a warm summer's day at the cricket.

Its medium body, smooth texture, moderate tannins and rich finish will relax you into the game, and it is ideal to share with fellow supporters while grazing lamb and beef goujons, vegetable samosas and spring rolls.

Castello Banfi Chianti Classico 2003/04 (Italy) Throw on your glad-rags and fill up your glass with this operatic red.

The aromas of plum and blackberry and notes of liquorice and vanilla harmonise on the palate, lingering with full flavours of blackberries and leather.

This wine is well-balanced, full-bodied and goes well with cold red meats, roasted vegetables and crusty bread.

Framingham Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2005 (New Zealand) This wine has a full spectrum of flavours from herbal through to ripe tropical fruit salad including capsicum, redcurrant, passionfruit, gooseberry and citrus.

It's perfect with a meal of fish and shellfish or an alfresco meal of chicken salads, pasta and pesto.

Framingham Marlborough Pinot Noir 2004 (New Zealand) You're immediately welcomed by a palate of fine, supple tannins. Juicy, sweet flavours of cranberry, raspberry and cherry contrast nicely with charry oak and savoury game and mushroom notes.

This wine is versatile and works well in classic matches with duck and lamb. Alternatively try it with salmon or tuna steaks.

Telling tipple Psychologist Donna Dawson and pub chain Ember Inns have revealed how your wine says more about you than you think.

Red wine lovers' first choice is a rich, silky, smooth red such as a Cabernet Merlot.

Donna says this illustrates a friendly laid-back perceptive personality - friendly but not over familiar.

It's wine which represents balance, smoothness and a certain social awareness - in fact quintessentially British.

For white wine lovers there are two favourites, delicate and fruity and lively and refreshing.

Delicate and fruity wines such as a Sauvignon Blanc represent a diplomatic, subtle and balanced personality - the peacekeepers among us.

And unsurprisingly it's women who prefer it.

The lively and refreshing whites such as sparkling wines illustrate fun-loving, outdoorsy personalities - not how most British people describe themselves.

Donna says: "When we reach for this wine we want to get energy back."

It's usually men over 30 who need their positive energy levels replenishing.