A DARK comedy set in the world of underground crime is set to be filmed around the streets of Stourbridge.

Enrichment, the current project of teenage filmmaker Max Tobin, will feature scenes of crime, violence and drug abuse.

Max, 17, is now starting pre-production on the film after raising more than £1,400 on the crowd funding website Kickstarter – a site where people can financially support local and international projects in return for personal rewards.

The King Edward VI College pupil, who had a previous film showcased at the Canadian Film Festival, said: “We managed to secure £1,471 for the film in total, which is fantastic.

“It will take about six months to produce the film from here – not counting the six months writing and fundraising up to this point.

“We’re shooting all over the place. I make sets in my house and use green screens for specific scenes, like a particularly dark opening torture sequence, and a VFX heavy trip scene. But the majority is on location at King Eds and out on the streets of Stourbridge.

“Shooting scenes can take ages, but that said, it's a lot of fun, especially when it’s a film like this one with so many crazy drugs and action related scenes.”

Enrichment depicts the story of three college students who plan a heist to steal money from the father of a new pupil at their school, who happens to be a notorious drug dealer.

Max said: “We're hoping to turn a few heads because of the subject of the film. Although we realise people aren’t keen to hold the opinions of teenagers quite as highly as adults, we have our own perspective that you can’t see anywhere else.

“The film should be very entertaining, funny and dark, and we’re hoping people will pull some deeper meaning from it.”

Max hopes the film will be ready for release in November, where it will be available to view for free online as well as at film festivals.

For more information about Enrichment, or Max’s previous films, visit www.tobinfilmstudio.org