A TRIP to India marked a life changing moment for one 27-year-old Amblecote woman.

Hannah Pells, of Brettell Lane, decided to start her own skincare business after having the opportunity to visit and learn from some of Mumbai's most innovative social enterprises.

After additional support from the Princes Trust and the Birmingham Leadership Foundation, Hannah set about creating her now successful business using the knowledge she gained from the trip.

Hannah said: “I was unable to find the kind of facial skincare products I wanted on the high street.

“It was difficult to be sure of the ingredients in many products because of unclear and sometimes misleading labelling. So I decided to start my own brand.

“The enterprises I was fortunate enough to visit in Mumbai were absolutely incredible.

“I not only had the opportunity to learn about their business models, international trade and business etiquette, but I had the opportunity to act as a consultant and pitch my ideas to some of the CEO's of these companies.

“When I returned to England I was determined to apply some of that same resourcefulness and apply similar ethics to my own business here in Stourbridge.”

Hannah’s No Fuss products have already started to attract customers nationally and internationally through her website.

She added: “I am so excited to have launched the brand and received such a positive response. I hope that with time the business will develop and become a trusted British skincare brand.”

For more information visit www.nofussbeauty.com