STOURBRIDGE experimental artist Cal is getting set to host an art exhibition like no other which will raise money to bring music to children in occupied Palestine.

The thought-provoking Attack on the Senses interactive art experience will feature paintings, sculpture, installations, audio and visual art, embroidery, live performances and music - all themed around wars in foreign lands and how they are perceived and presented in the West.

Cal, aged 38, and originally from Worcester, hopes it will "leave a definite lasting impression" in the minds of visitors and he said: "Attack on the Senses is like no other art exhibition people will have been to.

"It has been the most upsetting and challenging body of artworks that I have had to create.

"The pain and suffering that some people and nations have to endure on a daily basis is beyond art or words."

The exhibition, which is free, can be seen at Scary Canary, 108a High Street, Stourbridge, on Thursday August 27 from 7pm.

It will also be running at the Boars Head Gallery, Worcester Street, Kidderminster, on Sunday September 5 from 7pm and at the Asylum Art Gallery, Clifton Street, Chapel Ash, Wolverhampton, on Friday October 9 from 7pm.

All the money raised from the open nights and at least ten per cent of all art sales will go directly to the Al Kamandjâti music centre in Ramallah, Palestine, which was founded in October 2002 by Palestinian viola player Ramzi Aburedwan to support the education and schooling of Palestinian children by making music more accessible to them, especially those living in refugee camps and villages in Palestine and Lebanon.

The project encourages youngsters to make music in order to transcend the daily hardships they face living under military occupation by Israeli troops.

Cal said: "To be able to help the children and people directly affected by the issues and conflicts I have often covered in my artwork over the years is an absolute honour and a massive inspiration."

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