STOURBRIDGE metal act frontman Nick J Townsend has returned upbeat from his second trip to Hollywood where he's been taking to the airwaves to promote his band, filming a charity documentary and showing off his comedic acting talents.

The 30-something WEAK13 singer, who works at Stourbridge recording studio Base Studios in Rufford Road, has made plenty of friends in the music and movie industry in Los Angeles, California, since his first visit last summer to film a short indie flick and the lure of further opportunities prompted a recent follow up trip.

This time round - Nick, who has worked as a TV extra on some high profile British shows, was on the radar for various TV projects - one of which was internet reality/comedy series New Age Girls in which he made a guest appearance.

The long-haired grunge rocker, who made the trip Stateside with his agent Debbie Stewart, who runs DStar Bookings in Scotland, also hit the airwaves on various LA radio stations to promote his long-running metal band, which recently released a new video to accompany single Go Away.

He also interviewed a host of musicians, including a former session bass player for Little Richard, for his own fly-on-the-wall style documentary on his visit, which will be a follow up to the black and white 'Clingfilm: LA Story' which he shot last time.

He told the News: "We met so many people in a week, we're going to have to go back - possibly in September 2016 but earlier if we can go earlier; there's a lot of work in motion."

Nick and Debbie also made a video for UK charity for the disabled, Daytrippers, after interviewing musician Brandon Mendenhall, a cerebral palsy sufferer and member of LA rock band The Mendenhall Experiment.

Nick, who edited the film as soon as he returned home, said: "We knew we had something really good but we didn't know if the charity would like it at that point. Brandon's going to be very big in the next year, he's been working with some massive names and he's the perfect example of somebody who won't let anybody stop him pursuing his dream."