Celebrating their eighth year in the business, Raindance Studios in Amblecote Stourbridge, have built up a fantastic reputation for producing quality mixes. With music credentials including working with ex-dexy's Pete Williams and international songwriter Chris Eaton, Raindance's app-roach to recording band demo's is exactly the same as producing a full album - aiming to mix every project to releasable standard. Whatever your budget and whatever your level of experience the dedicated team put the same amount of effort and care into every project. Producer/arrangers Chris and Nick will even put together a whole production around an artist, always resisting the temptation to impose their own sound or force an artist down a particular path.

If that's not enough to impress you, Lazy J also recently awarded Kerrang's Number 1 Best Unsigned off the back of their recording with Raindance, and the studios have even produced four GEM award winners.

For more information contact Nic Burrows on 07710 374888 email nic@raindance-music.com or Chris Smith on 07796 034675 email chris@raindance-music.com or check out the website www.raindance-music.com