A HAGLEY couple have become one of the longest married pairs in the country after celebrating 70 years of wedded bliss.

Nancy and Ron Parsons enjoyed their platinum wedding anniversary last Thursday (March 3) surrounded by family and friends at The Foresters Nursing Home in Clent.

The couple, who have lived most of their lives in Hagley, were in the same class together at school but it was not until some years after leaving that they got together after being re-acquainted through Nancy’s brother, who was friends with Ron.

Ron said the secret to a happy marriage is “loving each other and getting through troubled times together”. He added: “Everyone has ding dongs but you work together.”

For the big day, Nancy and Ron – both aged 93 – enjoyed a romantic meal prepared for them by the home’s staff along with music from the 1920s. The evening’s entertainment was a tea party with cake, attended by the couple’s niece Coleen Price, her husband Tony and their great-nephew James.

Coleen said: “They are a wonderful couple and a real inspiration to all of us. It is such an achievement to stay together for so long, but we never thought it would be in doubt because they are made for each other.”

The couple, who were originally from Halesowen, moved into the Walton Pool home 12 months ago.

Nancy, a retired secretary, went to the home after a spell in hospital and the home’s owners made arrangements to move former greengrocer Ron from their sister site – Chandos Lodge – so they could be together.

Jo Bennett, home manager, said: “Ron and Nancy have lived through some fascinating times, good and bad, but everything they’ve done, they’ve done together and we’re delighted to have them here, particularly as they celebrate such a huge moment in their lives.”

Reaching 70 years is such a rarity that from now on they will receive a congratulatory message from the Queen every year.