Ridgewood High School staff member Vikki Harper reports on events from Project Gambia 2016

Having joined The Gambia group on Friday, Saturday was my first day to experience Project Gambia 2016.

We journeyed to Madiana – a village where previously the school had helped paint classrooms. We were welcomed in true Gambian style with singing, clapping and dancing.

We walked through the village to the school and were taken on a long detour so were pleased to sit under the shade of a huge mango tree!

Then the ceremonies began - more singing and more dancing (with more to come later). We were thanked by members of the Madiana community including the Alkalo (the Mayor of Madiana).

Several months earlier, Newfield Primary School donated tables and chairs for the classrooms and it was clear how much it meant to the people of the village.

Stourbridge News:

Pupils and staff then organised activities for the children including a competitive game of football, nail art, face painting and painting classrooms.

Finally, after a long, hot day in the sun our group enjoyed a delicious ice-cream on the way back to the hotel.

A great end to a great first day with more to look forward to.