A STOURBRIDGE magician found himself unable to believe his own eyes for a change after a water company blunder left sewage splattered across his kitchen.

It was a case of ‘piff paff poo’ when Stuart Millward, who runs the House of Magic (UK) shop in Brook Street, arrived at work on Friday to discover his kitchen had been blasted with human excrement.

Mr Millward believes a sewer cleaning exercise the day before caused a blowback of waste into the Old Quarter property.

He says he called Severn Trent immediately to report the problem and was promised a clean-up crew would be deployed within an hour.

But, he told the News, the team never arrived – and he ended up having to grab a mop and rubber gloves and make the mess disappear himself "with lots and lots of bleach”.

He said a clean-up team finally arrived the following day which “consisted of one man with some wet wipes” and he added: “He couldn’t get rid of the remaining stains on the ceiling and he said Severn Trent would have to repaint it.”

Mr Millward, who lives in Halesowen, said he has since followed up with numerous calls to the water company but he added: “They’ve never got back in touch and they’ve done nothing.

“Mistakes happen. But when you make a mistake you rectify it. Severn Trent have not done this and I feel disappointed that I have to fix my kitchen and pay for the damages myself.”

A spokesman for Severn Trent said: “We’re sorry to hear what happened to Mr Millward.

"We’re carrying out a full investigation and working closely with Mr Millward to get everything back to normal as quickly as possible for him.”