OUTRAGED Pedmore neighbours said they are being driven mad by the white speed camera lines which are laid on the road outside their homes.

Residents of Hagley Road said the noise which comes from the markers as cars drive over them is “intolerable” and stops them from sleeping.

In April 2016 Dudley Council reapplied the marker lines, but local resident Mark Higgs said they are raised above the road surface - creating a “machine gun-type” noise nuisance to him and his neighbours.

Mr Higgs told the News: “This is a busy main road which has a level of road noise, which I accept, but the noise from these new white lines is intolerable.

“It wakes me up early in the morning and I can’t sit in my garden without the constant bombardment of this machine gun-type noise.”

However, Councillor Hilary Bills, cabinet member for environment, said the line markings have been applied “in accordance with national statutory requirements”.

She added: “We have assured residents that the road markings on Hagley Road have been reviewed and are compliant with these standards.”

But Mr Higgs, who said he has asked the council to send someone out to listen to the noise, wonders why the lines could not have been painted on.

He added: “I’ve been in touch with Dudley Council on several occasions and when they can be bothered to reply they say they can’t do anything about it.

“This issue is driving me and my neighbours mad, but Dudley Council seem to want us to shut up and go away, but keep paying our council tax.”