A POPULAR Clent pub landlord proved the doubters wrong by pedalling his 23.5 stone frame a staggering 106 miles to the Welsh Coast.

Friends of Richard Macey, owner of The Fountain, said he could not complete the mammoth charity cycling challenge, but the prominent Worcestershire Freemason is made of stern stuff.

Well versed in charitable causes, Richard’s latest fundraising exploits saw him raise more than £3,700 for the Cyclists Fighting Cancer fund.

He joined 610 others on an annual ride between Wolverhampton and Aberdovey, completing the distance in eight hours and 13 minutes, with the whole team bringing in more than £100,000 for various charities.

Richard said: “I’m really pleased to complete it especially for Cyclists Fighting Cancer as there are a very worthwhile cause, and there is a very personal reason as to why I selected them out of the 12 charities we could fundraise for.

“The organisation of the whole event was incredible. It’s the first time I’ve done it but it’s an annual event that some of the more experienced guys have done for many years.

“There were quite a few fit people doing it and they gave those of us who weren’t as athletic great support and helped us on.

“Everyone was so supportive and there was lots of encouragement for everyone who took part.

“I completed it with my friend Andy Edwards and we were followed round by our trusty wives who provided us with lovely food and beverages – non-alcoholic of course.”

In the months leading up to the ride, Richard cycled more than 800 miles in preparation, which has had a big impact on his weight and fitness.

He added: “The training is helping me to lose weight and improving my fitness. I would recommend cycling to anyone as it is a great way to get out and get active.

“We have to give a big thanks to the Race Co Cycles bike shop in Market Street, Stourbridge, who were really helpful. They hooked us up with the bikes and gave us some great advice.

“It was really tough, but I'm definitely going to be doing it again next year and I’m hoping to finish in under seven hours.”