A PAIR of Kingswinford students have joined their school’s ‘Millionaire's Club’ after reading more than a million words in just two months.

Summerhill School year 9 pupils Alice Mills-Adams and Iman Ghefoor have read a number of books both in their literacy lessons each week, as well as out of school to make it to the million milestone.

Alice said: “Some of our favourite books are Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, the Hunger Games and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child,” while Iman added: “We read every day and we think that it really helps us in all of our lessons”.

A system called ‘accelerated reader’ is used in the school to motivate students and keep track of the books that they are reading.

Student answer online quizzes to demonstrate they have read the books properly and win prizes for reading.

Karen Turner, head of year 9, said: “We’re really proud of how quickly the girls have become millionaire readers and excited how many more students are well on their way to joining the Millionaire's Club.

“We all know that reading is important, and at Summerhill our reading programme is really preparing our students to achieve great success.”