A HERO Stourbridge postman - who was threatened with a metal bar after his van was rammed as he thwarted a burglary on his rounds - was this week due to receive a police commendation.

The actions of Allan Norris, a 58-year-old grandfather who has been a postie for 38 years, led to police catching a prolific offender, who ended up being jailed for three years.

Mr Norris, who is based in Stourbridge, told the News how he had just delivered post to a bungalow in Belbroughton Road, Hackman's Gate, Belbroughton, at 1.30pm on June 8, when he heard breaking glass and saw a man standing at the side of the building.

"I drove my van to block the top of the drive and rang the police," said Mr Norris, who lives in Stourport with his wife, Barbara.

"The man went back to his car and came up the drive but realised he couldn't get past me and started shouting at me to move the van.

"Before I could put the phone down he rammed the side of the van with his car.

"Next thing he got out of the car with a big metal bar and threatened to cave my head in.

"I moved the van and he shot off in his car.

"The police arrived three or four minutes later and took a statement and description from me."

Two weeks later officers contacted Mr Norris to say they knew who the culprit was and he agreed to take part in an identification procedure.

But in the end he did not need to identify the man because he confessed a string of offences to the police.

The offender - 45-year-old Mark Robinson, of Livingstone Road, Handsworth, Birmingham - appeared at Worcester Crown Court in July, when he admitted unsuccessful attempts to burgle the bungalow in Hackman's Gate, and another one in Wyche Road, Hanbury, as well as theft, dangerous driving, having no insurance and making off without paying for fuel.

Besides being jailed Robinson, who had 36 previous convictions, was banned from driving for three years, with an extra 19 and a half month disqualification after his prison sentence is completed.

Mr Norris, who escaped unhurt in the drama, although the driver's side of his van was dented, said: "At the time the incident happened I was just caught in the moment and reacted to the situation - you only realise the sense of danger of it afterwards.

"I reacted instinctively. The police commendation has come a bit out of the blue."

West Mercia Police has confirmed Mr Norris is due to receive his commendation at force headquarters at Hindlip, near Worcester, on Tuesday (November 29) night.