NEWSPAPERS, a tape recording and even an Argos catalogue were among the treasures unearthed in a Lye school’s time capsule.

The capsule, made out of a plastic drainpipe, was dug up by pupils and staff at Rufford Primary School this week after it was buried 25 years ago.

Students have been counting down the days to dig up the capsule, with the discovered items now set to go on display at the Brendon Avenue school.

Pippa Boraston, the school’s office manager, who has been looking after the project, said: “The time capsule was buried in our school grounds by the children that were here 25 years ago.

“It is intact and we have opened it to find many interesting objects from 1991, including a Daily Mail newspaper, an Argos book, a tape recording – which I can’t play because I haven’t got a machine to play it on! – some sweet wrappers and maps, among other things.

“We also have the newspaper article and pictures that were taken at the time it was buried.”

A number of former students and staff were also invited to the school to be part of the unearthing ceremony.

Pippa added: “We weren’t sure it was going to be successful, as a tree was also planted at the same time on top of the time capsule. 25 years on and it has had some major root growth.

“The pupils and the parents have all been really excited, especially since some parents were at school when it was buried.

“We now plan to start working on the comparisons between life in 1991 and the current day with the children in the New Year.”