Wouldn't it be great to find an approach to health that doesn't involve drugs and surgery for your family?

Hagley Road Chiropractic has become a true Family Wellness provider for the local Community.

The Clinic's owner Dr Nick Grier always had a vision of developing a Family Wellness Practice that made Chiropractic available to all.

"People associate chiropractic with bad backs and aches and pains in adults," says Dr Grier.

"Few people realise the benefits of Chiropractic on newborns and children."

Research into spinal trauma caused by the birth process has identified that at least 12 babies out of 100 will have misalignments in the upper cervical spine at birth. The cause of these is almost certainly the trauma of the birth process.

One research group that studied this phenomenon examined a group of newborn babies that had difficulty sleeping and feeding or that they had a head that turned or tilted to one side. Their research identified that 89 percent of these babies had spinal misalignments at the top of the neck.

Since children suffer lots of trauma in the process of growing up it is recommended that they should regularly have their spines checked for the damaging and sometimes debilitating effects of these misalignments. Sometimes these problems do not show until much later in life and by then are much harder to correct.

Chiropractic for babies and children offers a drug free approach to better health.

"We have had great success in treating conditions such as colic, ear infections, feeding and sleeping problems.

"The great thing about treating babies is that the problem can be corrected quickly with only a small amount of treatment and the results are great for both baby and mums."

In growing his family practice Nick has joined forces with Dr Lisa Andrews DC who is specializing in Pregnancy and neonatal chiropractic.

She says: "The ladies I treat have endured considerable pain and discomfort during their pregnancy which can make sleeping and daily tasks hard - this does not promote a health pregnancy.

"With treatment these symptoms can be relieved and make the whole experience both physically and emotionally better."

If you would like to find out more Dr Grier is offering a Complimentary Mum to Be and Babycheck session for Halesowen readers until 7th July, call 0121 4214466.

Our Chiropractors are registered by Law with the General Chiropractic Council and are members of the British Chiropractic Association. We welcome GP referrals; however a GP referral is not necessary to see our Chiropractors.