STUDENTS at staff at Stourbridge’s King Edward VI College have given back to the community in memory of a former teacher.

Pupils at the town centre school had been encouraged to perform ‘random acts of kindness’ before a fundraising event in honour of business teacher Jane Reason, who passed away last year.

The students’ acts were then shared on the ‘kindness wall’ on the day, along with compliments and inspirational quotes.

They also raised money for charity by holding a range of stalls selling cakes, crafts and henna tattoos, while a foodbank donation point was set up in the college for students to donate to throughout the year.

Rhiannon Luckins said: “The event was focused on ‘kindness’, as Jane was known throughout college for her kind and considerate nature.

“We aimed to bring the whole college community together to raise money for an on-site memorial to Jane.”

Additional proceeds from the event will be donated to Breast Cancer Awareness, a charity that Jane supported.

The event comes just weeks after the college helped contribute funds towards a community defibrillator.

The defibrillator, which was installed at the school free of charge by Jim Haynes of S and J Electricals, is available to anyone in emergency cases.

It works in a way that any call to the ambulance service where the patient is located under 300 metres from the device, the caller will be advised of the code to gain entry to the cabinet.

The defibrillator was provided by Andy Jeynes on behalf of the West Midlands Ambulance Service and purchased by the college as a “public service” to the community.