As a former Ridgewood High School student this opportunity was not available to me when I left in 2005.

On our first morning we went to half dye school. I was over whelmed by the excitement and the love the children showed us.

We had a tour of the new two storey school and got to see the library which was really impressive with a lot of resources available for the children to use.

The children were at the school having extra lessons ready for exams and all appeared really happy to be there. Our next stop was Kotusilo village.... we had a tour around the community and met some of the families.

All the children wanted to join us on the tour and kept us company. The families were so grateful for the things Project Gambia give them.

I was shocked by their living conditions but they all seemed really happy there, I couldn't believe they live next to a tip which they walk through and some of the children don't have shoes to wear.

I had the opportunity to meet a baby girl who is a month old, the mum was happy to allow me to have cuddles with her, she was beautiful and so content.

Our next stop we went back to Half Dye school to make a start on some painting. We were painting some of the walls ready to paint patterns and designs on.

The care taker at the school was really accommodating and eager to help us often stating to us that women don't paint in The Gambia.

Our next stop was the new clothes shop. This is funded by project Gambia- the money goes towards renting the shop, paying the member of staff and any money made goes towards children in need.

The shop sells clothes which have been donated to Project Gambia at a cheaper cost to what they would buy them from the market but also a better quality.

There we found Miss Broadhead's three year nieces shoes, donated by her once she has grown out of them.

The first day was really nice, eye opening but a great experience and an amazing insight to what Project Gambia does.

Natalie Williams