Stourbridge News:

WOW! What another exciting day!

Feeling energised and full of enthusiasm we made our way back to Half Dye school to finish painting the outside walls.

With the help of volunteers from Gambia and home we worked together creatively to transform the plain white walls into a colourful environment for the children, who eagerly welcomed us yesterday!

Not only did we paint the outside but we also painting a friendship tree in the library. A good job well done I'd say!

After a brief trip to the hotel we headed back out to Madiana. We had a tour around the community and was shown the Market Gardens that Project Gambia had helped to fund.

It was lovely to see the fresh vegetables that they were growing; cucumbers, tomatoes, hot chilli peppers, onions and more!

The difference this has made to the lives of so many people is unbelievable! People can grow their own food and sell some to others so that can support their families.

It was interesting to find out that it is women that attend to and look after the garden rather than men.

Driving around Madiana we saw many Cashew Trees, our driver stopped to get us a fruit, and we were able to try the juicy fruit! It tasted a bit like apple but the texture was interesting.

After that, we visited Madiana Lower Basic School. Again, the headteacher and staff were so welcoming. They explained how we could help out later on in the week!

Whilst here, myself and Gen, were able to see the old tables our primary school had donated. Knowing they'd made a difference to the education of others was lovely!

Our journey to and from Madiana allowed us to see the sights of Gambia and what life was truly like! After a busy but exciting day we then headed out to Paradise Beach.

What an amazing evening that was! Food was delicious and we experienced some Gambian dancing and music! What a laugh we've all had.

A perfect end to a lovely day!

Lauren Hamer

Year 3 Teacher at Newfield Primary School