Stourbridge News:

MY second day in The Gambia and first working day of the trip has truly been amazing!

This morning we were all woken up bright and early to start the day at the New Life school. When we arrived we were greeted with smiling faces and open arms.

We were given the chance to look at some of the classrooms and play games with the students.

After leaving the school, we headed to Kotusilo village to experience for ourselves what struggles some of the Gambian families face.

After this we headed to Half Dye, where the third storey of the school is currently being built; we were then split into groups and started to paint various educational devices that would benefit the children and their further education.

I thoroughly enjoyed this activity as I know it will help the students and guide them through there learning.

The final stop of the day was to visit the clothes shop that Project Gambia has set up to provide cheaper but good quality items for all ages.

The items of clothing have been kindly donated by many people and will provide families with affordable clothing.

Overall, my first working day has given me an insight to a 3rd world country and the perseverance of the poorer families has inspired me.

Rosie Narrowmore, Year 10

THE Methodist special school was an overwhelming and eye opening experience for all year 11 students and adults who got the opportunity to visit today while in the Gambia.

We were greeted with smiley faces as the children waited in anticipation and excitement to partake in the activities we arranged for them.

Nail and face painting, colouring, card making and a lot of dancing were just a few of the fun filled actives that we did with these amazing children.

Shocked to say the least at the children's positive outlook on life despite the situation they are all in, their happy attitude and constant smiles really made us think how lucky we are and what we take for granted.

Back home in the UK people with similar medical conditions are fortunate enough to receive the right help they need whereas here in the Gambia the children are not as privileged to these medical necessities.

We are grateful for this opportunity and look forward to the rest of our time in The Gambia making more life long memories with great people.

Lottie Bowen, Charlie Poole, Ellie Wiggins and Sam Purslow