Stourbridge News:

TODAY we visited Sintet and as always the atmosphere was emphatic.

We visited the solar powered water pump installed on their main farm. Speaking to a local called Musah this really is a fundamental part of their day to day lives.

Three members of each compound tend to the crops everyday, and roughly 2/3 of the produce is eaten in the village and the remainder is sold.

The people of Sintet are not just grateful for the help and donations, but for the aid of making them self sustainable, and the ability for them to thrive without us is what they are most thankful for.

Like all the places we have visited over this week there is an overwhelming sense of community, and we really felt a part of their family.

We have been welcomed with open arms and allowed to eat their delicious food and dance alongside them.

Later on in the day, a few of us were lucky enough to go and help paint the new medical centre, which is doing the best it possibly can to aid pregnant women and their children.

Despite the conditions all procedures are carried out with sterile equipment; you get a real sense that the people who work there are passionate about proper and clean medical care for all.

Sintet like all places we have visited is inspiring to many as all though they have little assets they have a lot of love.

We could all learn a lot from the people of Sintet.

Olivia Humphrey, Year 12 (second visit)