LEDBURY Town Council is to seek professional mediation to help resolve the factional infighting between town councillors.

The idea was discussed at the full town council meeting of June 8, at Ledbury Methodist Church, where a resolution from the parish meeting of May 31, for the town council to seek professional mediation, was voted on and approved by town councillors.

The idea of mediation, which is likely to involved funds from the public purse, was presented at the full town council meeting by a member of the public, during the period allowed for public participation.

Jane Horton said: "I am concerned about the depth of division around this table. It's beyond anything you can deal with yourselves. We have to work it out. We've haven't got an election for two years.

"You guys, call in professional help, to help you heal the divisions."

To loud applause she added: "I would just like to leave you this request."

Ledbury's newly elected mayor, Cllr Elaine Fieldhouse said: "I will look into it. I have already agreed to some mediation, anyway."

But Cllr Tony Bradford said he did not recognise himself as a councillor having "problems with other councillors".

He said: "I am not arguing. I debate. I'm not arguing with any of my fellow councillors."

In the section for public debate, former  town councillor, Richard Hadley, rising to speak from the public seats, called Cllr Bradford "a bag of contradictions", to loud cries of "personal attacks".

Ms Horton asked Mr Hadley to desist, and she said, when Mr Hadley turned to face her: "I'm serious. I'm asking you not to insult each other." She was once again applauded.

Speaking after the meeting, Mr Hadley said: "During the melee, I was particularly galled to see Tony Bradford holding his camera aloft, pointed in my direction, and guffawing loudly and contemptuously. I do not think that such rude behaviour is ever acceptable when a member of the public is speaking."

Speaking aftet the meeting, Cllr Bradford said: "I was at least 30ft away from Mr Hadley, and I am allowed to film."

Later in the meeting, when the resolutions from the parish meeting were discussed by town councillors, fourteen voted in favour of the proposal for the council to seek professional mediation. There was one abstention, from Cllr Tony Bradford.