A RETIRED Stourbridge businessman was found hanged at his Pedmore home, aged 88, an inquest was told.

Charles Hadley, commonly known as Sid, worked as a director of Eurolec Components (Midlands) Limited and Stechwork Limited until his late 70s, but on June 5 was found dead by his family after committing suicide.

Black Country Coroners Court was told that cancer sufferer Charles, who was also a carer for his wife, started to become depressed after the death of his close sister two months ago.

Senior Black Country Coroner Zafar Siddique concluded: “Given the circumstances, with the stresses in his life, particularly his worsening eyesight, his form of cancer, and also his recent family bereavements, all of these together led to him taking his own life.”

After giving a formal conclusion of suicide, Mr Siddique added: “From everything I have been told he was a very proud and independent man and did everything for the family.

“He was obviously a very dedicated man, working hard with his business right the way into his late 70s.

“It is an absolute tragic set of circumstances, and I pass on my condolences to the whole family.”