STOURBRIDGE film-maker and theatre critic Kyle Pedley has told of his delight at winning nearly £5,000 on Channel 4's The Question Jury.

The show sees seven strangers locked in a jury room tasked with answering general knowledge questions unanimously to stand a chance of winning up to £10,000.

But only one can leave with each day’s prize fund.

Stourbridge News:

Kyle, aged 30, from Amblecote, who writes film theatre reviews for the Stourbridge News, has appeared on the show all week and was seen on screens leaving yesterday (Thursday) with a prize fund of £4,700 after successfully answering the question: What was the last musical to win the 'best picture' Oscar?

Stourbridge News:

He said: "I've had to keep quiet about this since last November.

"It's been nigh impossible to keep it quiet for so long, but chuffed that I can shout it from the rooftops now."

He said he was feeling "very emotional" after seeing the show back on TV and he added: "It was a dramatic few episodes, including the super-embarrassing sight of me crying on national TV. Emotions ran very high.

"I had such an incredible time though, and everyone in front of the camera and behind were some of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting."

Stourbridge News:

Kyle’s run on The Question Jury can be seen on catch up on 4OD -

He described the experience was "one of the best things" he's ever done - and said it was a real bonus to walk away with the prize money.

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