THE jury set to decide the fate of murder accused Niron Parker-Lee has started to consider its verdict.

The 20-year-old, who admits he delivered the fatal stab wound that killed 24-year-old Mansoor Mahmood in Brierley Hill High Street on October 15, 2016, denies murder - insisting he acted in self-defence.

The trial at Birmingham Crown Court has heard that there was “a history of trouble” between the two men due to drugs.

Parker-Lee, of Blewitt Street, Pensnett, told the court he began carrying a knife for his "own protection" after a previous run in with Mr Mahmood and two other men - who he claimed had chased him into a chip shop armed with a mallet, knife and baseball bat for dealing drugs on their turf.

He said he pulled the weapon out as Mr Mahmood had run at him after they had traded punches in an alleyway, hoping to get him to “back off”.

He told the court: “He was trying to kick out at me and then he threw a punch at me. As he did that, I went forward at him and that's when I think he got stabbed.

"I only realised when he screamed out in pain. Then I could see the blood.”

Despite medical intervention, Mr Mahmood, a father-of-two, later died at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital as a result of the single stab wound.

Christopher Millington QC, prosecuting, said that Parker-Lee had “plunged the weapon with such force that it had skewered the victim’s body,” adding: “It was far removed from self-defence, this was all about settling an old score.”

Mr Millington continued: “The defendant had contemplated the prospect of future conflict with Mr Mahmood and prepared for it by arming himself with a deadly weapon.

“After a minor exchange of blows, which caused no injury, his response was chilling in its brutality.”

Following a short lunch break, the four woman, eight man jury will continue their deliberations at 2pm.