A CHARITY is hosting a Valentine’s Day sleep out at a Stourbridge Park tonight in support of the homeless.

The sleep out, organised by Leslie’s Care Packages, will take place from 6pm at Mary Stevens Park in order to raise awareness of the town’s rough sleepers.

Hot dogs and burgers donated by Tesco and Morrisons and hot drinks will be available. There will also be a tombola and songs from Black Country musicians.

Founder of Leslie’s Care Packages, Vi Wood, said: “We are hoping to have a lovely evening with the community.”

Vi, who started the voluntary group in 2016 after nearly losing her house following the death of her husband, said: “A lot of people try not to take notice. We should never judge anybody as we don’t know what they have gone through.

“I am hoping people take a bit of notice and learn. That is what we are doing it for."

Vi acknowledged they would be forced to cancel in the event of snow but admitted: “The homeless cannot just pack up and say they are going home to their warm bed.”

Joining her at the sleep out will be Deb Nicholls, of Dudley comedy group The Fizzogs, and Stourbridge Green Party’s Andi Mohr.

Anyone wishing to donate to Leslie’s Care Packages can do so by clicking here.