A CONCERNED parent has slammed a decision by Oldswinford Primary School to remove toilet paper from the pupils’ bathrooms as “absolutely awful”.

Jo Seker, acting headteacher at the Field Lane school, is believed to have told youngsters they will have to ask their teacher for toilet roll if they wish to use the bathroom and return it afterwards.

One outraged mum told the News: “Schools make many unnecessary rules in my opinion. However, this last one is truly ridiculous.

“The reason given by the stand-in head was that they are upset that the toilets get clogged and that school resources are being wasted.

"Surely it would just be better to educate them about not putting too much down the toilet?”

She branded the decision as “unhygienic” and “humiliating for children to have to ask in front of everyone for toilet paper” and she added: “I have heard some of the children saying they will not go at school - they will wait until home time.

“Maybe it’s just me but I think it is absolutely awful. Having toilet paper in the actual toilet is just a basic need.”

Acting headteacher Mrs Seker defended the decision - saying there had been a number of isolated incidents in recent weeks of what she called “disappointing behaviour in the bathrooms which has caused flooding, damage and temporary closure of the facilities”.

She added: “To avoid any further incidents we have introduced a temporary system this week until lockable dispensers are installed over the Easter break.

“We are not limiting the amount of toilet roll children can use; the temporary system is allowing us to monitor behaviour and avoid any further incidents.

“We have also been speaking to children to remind them about the importance of good behaviour in school, something we are very proud of at Oldswinford.”