THE headteacher of Summerhill School in Kingswinford has pledged to do everything possible to support art students who have been told they will have to re-do 18 months of coursework in just six weeks to obtain a GCSE grade.

Teenagers in their final year at the Lodge Lane school have been told the examination board has refused to accept portfolio work previously completed due to “irregularities in how some of the work has been created” - amid accusations their teacher had been doing some of their work for them.

The school issued a letter to parents informing them students would have no alternative but to re-do their portfolios from a “fresh starting point” if they wish to gain a GCSE in art.

James Bowkett, executive headteacher at Summerhill School, said of the situation: “Unfortunately following a school investigation it was found there may have been irregularities in how some of the GCSE coursework had been created. The exam board has since indicated it will not accept the submission of any of the class’s coursework towards the final grade.

“Understandably this is extremely upsetting for those pupils affected, who have worked so hard for the past 18 months, and we are extremely sorry this has happened.

"We will be doing all we can to support them and have arranged additional sessions over the next six weeks for those students affected to create new coursework.”

The school has also set aside a budget to cover the costs of replica resources such as canvases if any need to be bought.

School bosses said this week an investigation into the matter was ongoing.

Wordsley councillor Paul Brothwood said he has reported the situation, and other issues he says parents have raised, to Ofsted.