Following a fantastic breakfast of fruit, peanut porridge, eggs, bread and cornflakes, we boarded the trucks and Land Rovers and hit the road.

Passing the embassies, apartments and markets, we soaked up the sights as we travelled to Madiana.

A diverse array of transport from donkey carts and bicycles to Mercedes and trucks passed us along the way.

The bumpy journey into the countryside down dusty roads led to sights of farming and small holdings scattered across the land. The children of the local area waved and shouted to greet us as we made our way; an even bigger welcome awaited us at Madiana School.

A sea of blue uniforms washed over us in anticipation of the activities and treats we had in store. Crafting, colouring, face painting fun ran alongside the serious task of improving facilities for the long term benefit of the community.

Everyone loved being involved and soaked up the excitement.

After lunch, we travelled to the Project Gambia shop where donations are being sold to raise funds to develop local communities.

Then we returned to Half Dye school to complete our wall mural which included a rainbow, animals, everyday words and phrases and much more.

The reward for our hard work in hot sun was a trip to the ice cream parlour. We enjoyed a variety of ice creams, cakes and slush puppies before returning to the hotel for a quick dip in the pool.

Dinner was - unanimously our favourite so far - spaghetti bolognese. We burned off any remaining energy and entertained the entire hotel by dancing alongside a local band until the clock chimes for bed.

Miss Bastock, first experience with Project Gambia.