Report submitted by Ridgewood School

Another busy day on Project Gambia 2018 - the morning spent painting at Kanifing school, preparing the new tuck shop at the Methodist special school, or doing activities with children in Half Dye.

The afternoon was spent in Madiana doing activities with children and painting the new build classrooms.

We also visited the market gardens sponsored by Project Gambia where a number of students and staff had the opportunity to draw water from the well and water the onions and bitter tomatoes - we all realised what hard work it would be to draw water and water all the plants every day.

We were particularly pleased that Sharon Wardle, the British High Commissioner to The Gambia, who has been following us on Twitter, was able to join us in Madiana for the afternoon. We appreciate her finding time in her busy schedule to take a hands on interest in the work that we do, and our Gambian friends were delighted to meet her.

Bev Hodt