A TEENAGED Lye learner driver who sped off from police officers when they noticed he could just see over the top of his steering wheel has been spared custody.

Zafron Davidson was driving a friend's Renault Megane when he decided to try and get away from the officers but he was nabbed when he crashed into another vehicle as he sped through a red traffic light, Wolverhampton Crown Court was told.

"Police saw you driving and they noticed you were hardly able to see over the top of the steering wheel" Judge Simon Ward told 19-year-old Davidson

"They wanted you to stop and you failed to do so, " he said - adding. "You were driving a friend's car. You knew you were not meant to be doing that and your friends did not want you to stop."

Davidson, of Gibbs Road, admitted driving dangerously and without insurance or a licence and he was given a nine-month term of imprisonment suspended for 12 months.

The teenager was also banned from driving for two years and ordered to obey a two month curfew.

The judge told him they were "extremely serious" offences but he ruled he would take an "exceptional" course and allow him to keep his freedom.

The court was told Davidson had two passengers in the Renault when he maintained he "panicked" and raced off and he was arrested when the vehicle ploughed into a Fiat Punto.