A new music venue has been launched in Stourbridge – and the man behind the project says he wants the ‘town to own it’.

The Howling Rooms – a recording studio and rehearsal rooms – in Platts Road, Amblecote, is the brainchild of Luke Bowers who is keen to revive live music in the town.

Luke said: “I want the town to own the studio. Howling Rooms is not a money making venture, I see it more of a community project.

“So if anybody has any ideas and needs a place to express their creative endeavours, we would love to hear from them.

“Stourbridge has been lucky over the past few years to have a really great underground music scene.

“Especially with the promotion collective Carnage Club bringing bands to the area, whom I have been involved with.

“But with music venues in the area moving away from the loud and experimental, it’s getting harder to find venues to put on these kinds of bands in the Black Country, let alone the town of Stourbridge.

“Stourbridge has a rich musical heritage for churning out bands who dare to be different, take Neds Atomic Dustbin and Pop Will Eat Itself for example.

“We must have a place in the area where we can champion that and offer a place to express that creativity which is why we will put on a host of live events hosting UK and local talent.”

The studio recently opened its doors with a bang by holding a launch party featuring some of the best bands that the underground has to offer.

The event, an eclectic mix of live electronic music, sludge metal and experimental pop, boasted acts such as Big Lad, Opium Lord and South Ghost.

Luke – who has toured Europe and America with various bands and released material on a host of labels, such as Warner Universal and Candlelight – is also keen to support local talent to get started via recording offers through the studio.

He added: “I’ve played in bands all of my life and I know how hard it can be financially, especially when you are first starting up.

“That’s why we will be offering money off deals on recording for bands who practice at the studio alongside showcasing them at events and pushing their material to promoters around the country so they can experience playing in other areas.”

Local bands interested in the opportunities the studio has to offer can call Luke on 07757 083525 or email howlingrooms@gmail.com for more information.