BLACK Country comedy stars The Fizzogs are taking a chance on themselves and have joined forces with an international TV company in their quest for stardom.

Jacky Fellows, Deb Nicholls and Sue Hawkins have over the last few years earned themselves a worldwide fan base - largely thanks to their humorous Dancing Grannies act which they recently showcased at Wembley, Birmingham and Leeds arenas as special guests to Indian music star Diljit Dosanjh.

But they've also been giving 70s disco outfit ABBA a run for their money, money, money - with their spoof imitation of the Swedish supergroup.

Their half heartedly singing half heartedly dancing FABA act was devised with help from Walsall based writer and director Ross Berkeley-Simpson, who has also co-written a debut album for the group with music producer John Fowler, which they've called 'FABA – Gold-plated'.

Ross has also written four of six episodes required to make FABA’s first TV series, which he is working on with producer Warren Evans from Stourbridge's Base Studios.

And international TV company FLAME has offered the girls chance to present their act to showbiz executives at a lavish cocktail party on June 14 in London where Australian celebrity chef Lyndey Milan will be serving up treats.

They are hoping their presentation of 'Chicken Tikka' will go down particularly well with the top chef, having selected the track for their set over other possibles - Portaloo, Dirty Dancing Queen and Credit Credit Credit.

It won't be the first time FABA have attempted to hit the big time.

In 2016 they hoped for Eurovision Song Contest success with their break-up ballad 'Nigel'.

The band's manager Stella Morris (Jacky Fellows) said: "We wrote Nigel because we don’t know anyone with stupid names like Fernando.

"We entered Eurovision in good faith and then discovered that only people who’d failed to win X Factor were being considered to perform for the UK. We think that’s so unfair - we’ve failed at everything we’ve ever done.

"Now I see those imposters ABBA are trying to cash in on our lack of success by relaunching their own act."

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