CALLS have been made to delay a decision on the proposed closure of Little Colliers day nursery in Colley Gate.

A consultation process over the decision is scheduled to close on Wednesday November 7.

But campaigners aiming to keep the nursery open insist both the local advisory board members and trust directors haven't given the decision sufficient consideration.

Local councillor for Cradley and Wollescote Richard Body believes the consultation period should be given more time.

He said: "I'm calling for a delay to the consultation because there are so many questions that need answers.

"Yet I've only been able to deal with the secretary as both the headteacher of Colley Gate Primary and chair of the Windsor Academy Trust which runs the primary school are unavailable until next Tuesday.

"To push ahead with this decision is complete madness as they are the only people who can answer both mine and everybody else's questions."

Campaigners say they have been told the nursery is facing closure because it is in financial difficulty.

Cllr Body added: "I really can't see why this nursery has been struggling considering its prime location right next to two primary schools in Colley Lane and Cradley C of E.

"Many nurseries take in babies these days, so I can't see why Little Colliers couldn't go down that route.

"It does seem a complete nonsense when other nurseries are doing really well."

Campaigners to keep the nursery open have also received the backing of MP Margot James who described the service as 'absolutely vital'

She hopes the Trust will take the fierce opposition to the closure into account, Ms James said: "I'm very keen for the nursery to stay open.

"I feel that early years provision is absolutely vital and I feel we have lost enough of it across my constituency already.

"So I am extremely concerned about yet another closure or reduction in services.

"But I do understand that schools are facing financial difficulties and these decisions are never easy."