COPS have released shocking video of a drunk driver swerving along the motorway to launch their Christmas crackdown.

West Midlands Police's seasonal campaign to catch drunk and drugged-up drivers is underway and the film shows how being under the influence can put lives at risk.

To highlight the dangers of drink driving the force has released this video of a car swerving between the hard shoulder and first lane near junction six on the M6 at Birmingham.

The 25-year-old provisional licence holder from Weoley Castle was stopped on the southbound side at around 6.20am on 20 October this year.

She recorded 76 microgrammes of alcohol per 100 millilitres of breath - which is more than twice the limit - and admitted driving while under the influence of alcohol, having no insurance and only having a provisional driving licence.

She was banned from driving for 22 months and hit with a court bill of £275 at Birmingham Magistrates Court.

Sergeant Jon Butler, who is leading the WMP and CMPG Christmas campaign, said: "Driving while under the influence of drink or drugs is a dangerous cocktail which can tragically cost lives.

"We want people to enjoy the festive season safely and there is no excuse for being irresponsible or reckless.

"Sadly this footage is not untypical of what we see from someone driving while intoxicated and it can be shocking how alcohol impacts a drivers’ control of their vehicle. Fortunately, no-one was injured on this occasion."

Officers will carry out roadside breath tests and those caught over the limit risk of penalty points, losing their licence or even time behind bars.

The intelligence-led operation will also see officers armed with drug testing kits to check those suspected of being under the influence of illegal substances.

David Jamieson, West Midlands police and crime commissioner, said: "Most people have got the message, but too many still choose to flout the law and put lives at risk.

"I’m pleased to see West Midlands Police will be out in force this year as it is vital we do all we can to keep motorists safe on our roads."