Calls have been made for CCTV to be installed after a cash machine which is the "life blood" of Colley Gate was attacked for the second time.

The cash machine next to the Nisa store on Colley Gate was rammed by a car at around 3.30am on Monday January 7, leaving it smashed up and out of order.

Members of Cradley Residents' Association said the same machine was blown up by thieves who used gas to create an explosion and took a substantial amount of cash last September and have called for CCTV coverage in the area, which they say is plagued by vandalism.

Association member Kevin Powis said: "We need CCTV cameras - the problem is the area has been neglected for a long time but now we have some nice businesses - we don't want those businesses to be targeted. If there was CCTV it would be a deterrent. Traders need to know they are safe.

"We only need a few cameras here and there to supplement coverage already provided by CCTV at private shops and premises, which should only cost a few thousand pounds."

The call is being backed by Conservative candidate James Clinton, who is standing in the Cradley ward in May's local elections.

James said: "That cash machine is the life blood of Colley Gate - a lot of people use it.

"Cradley Residents' Association wants to enter Cradley in Bloom but planters get vandalised and thrown in the road.

"There's a lot of night time activity in the area and we need cameras to deter people from these anti-social acts.

"If elected in May I will make CCTV for the area a priority along with continuing to attract business to what has been a severely neglected area for decades.”

But Cradley councillor Richard Body said the council could not provide CCTV cameras as it was strapped for cash. He said he is poised to launch a new initiative called Together We Can calling for people to record acts of vandalism on mobile phones, vehicle dash cams, home and business CCTV and log them at a central point.

He said the local authority, residents and police will work together on the scheme, which is currently in its infancy.

Cllr Body said: "This will tackle the anti-social behaviour that drives us all mad.

"Together we can bring these idiots to count."

A spokesman for West Midlands Police said: "Police were called to Nisa Local, Colley Gate, to reports of a car being rammed into an ATM machine.

"The front of the machine was damaged although nothing is believed to have been taken."

Anyone with information can call police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 quoting crime reference number 20DY/5196J/19.