MADAM - I have noticed from 2017 through to 2018 a noticeable difference in the amount of litter in the Dudley area.

Now that winter has stripped trees and bushes bare it is replaced with an unbelievable amount of cans, bags, food containers.

I did read in the newspaper that offenders allocated community hours had made a difference in Tipton, claimed to be the worst area.

I applaud this initiative, but is it an ongoing exercise?

The council must get firm and be proactive.

Businesses should, under penalty, be compelled to keep their frontage clean.

As the local mouthpiece can you run articles on 'lets clean up Dudley'.

First suggestion is that everyone picks up 5 items per day, it will make a difference.

Hopeful for a cleaner environment.

Kandice Nolan

Milking Bank