PLANS for nine bungalows next to the listed Broadfield House and Glass Museum have led to objections by residents – who say they have already endured nuisance from the building of a residential home.

The proposal for the two-bedroom residences, off Compton Drive, Kingswinford, are being recommended for approval by planning officers.

The scheme would see the building of affordable homes with a large communal garden for people aged over 55.

Objections to the proposal include the loss of the view of woodland next to Broadfield House.

Residents have also said that they had to endure the construction of the care home for nearly two years which created problems with contractors, anti-social behaviour and noise from generators.

A conservation report identifies bats are likely to use the woodland and hedge corridors on the site boundaries for foraging and commuting.

In addition, the woodland, shrub and scrub habitats provide suitable nesting and foraging for a variety of common bird species.

However, the report concludes the proposed works will not impact these habitats.

Planning officers are recommending approval of the scheme subject to conditions.

Councillors will make a decision on the application at their meeting on tonight (Tuesday February 5).