A WOMAN who tried to run a man over before attacking two innocent women in ugly violence in Stourbridge High Street has been jailed for two-and-a-half years.

Judge Barry Berlin at Wolverhampton Crown Court told 47-year-old Michelle Nicholls: "You were completely out of control and you acted like a raging beast.

"You went back on the drink for the first time in some time and the alcohol mixed with your medication made a toxic combination."

Nicholls saw red when banter from Layton Shaduwa turned nasty as she walked past his parked car in the High Street - Caroline Harris, prosecuting, said.

She said Nicholls was with her friend and two other women - Chloe Lines and Sherrie Langford - and she became extremely angry at the comments.

Miss Harris said she returned to her own car and deliberately drove the vehicle onto the pavement where Mr Shaduwa was standing with his brother and the three other women.

The car stopped before Nicholls reversed and she then drove at Mr Shaduwa who jumped out of the way before delivering a kick to the driver's door window which shattered sending glass into her face.

Nicholls aimed the Honda at Mr Shaduwa a second time before he ran down a nearby alley and she then attacked Chloe Lines and Sherrie Langford.

She pulled clumps of hair from the one woman before pulling her to the ground, punched the second woman and then kicked and stamped on them both before police officers arrived on the scene.

"This was an abhorrent and inexplicable aberration," said James Tucker, defending Nicholls, who - he stressed - had never hit anyone in anger in the past.

Nicholls, of Argoed, Gwent, admitted dangerous driving, drink driving and attempting to cause injury and the two assaults and the judge ruled only an immediate jail term was appropriate.