BREWERS at Sadler's Ales have been raising a glass at the news their new white beer is being stocked in Wetherspoons bars nationwide.

The new 1861 white beer was a dreamt up by the brewing team at the historic Lye brewery - inspired by the German purity law which insists all Bavarian beers are brewed using just four ingredients.

Keen to replicate the straight forward and honest brewing style of German wheat beers - the team wanted Sadler’s 1861 to rely on quality ingredients and brewing technique to create the flavour profile.

Marketing manager Chris Dew said: "The high wheat content in Sadler’s 1861 makes it naturally hazy. This natural haze allows more of the yeast profile to shine through. "The yeast creates a full bodied fruity beer with definite undertones of peach, banana and clove - all of which come purely from the yeast."

The beer, brewed with English hops, quickly sparked the interest of nationwide pub chain Wetherspoons and Sadler's Brewing Co managing director Chris Sadler said: “Our team has worked so hard over the past few months to make this relationship with Wetherspoons a reality. This is a huge win for us as a local brewery, to get such a nationwide coverage of one of our craft beers.”