NEW road surfaces across Halesowen are crumbling just weeks after being installed - leading to complaints from fed-up motorists and residents about the shoddy workmanship.

Huntingtree Road, Wassell Road, Malt Mill Lane and Hill Street have all been named as roads which have recently been resurfaced but which are breaking up into loose patches, with potholes reappearing.

The work in Huntingtree Road was done on February 28 and is already disintegrating, with chips being thrown up at cars.

It is believed a malfunction in the contractor's machinery has caused the problems. 

Ruth Birchill, who lives round the corner on Longmoor Road, was shocked at the state of the new surface and reported the issue to the council.

She said: "I use the road all the time.

“I am really shocked at the state of the road surface as it was only laid on February 28.

"It’s right by Huntingtree school and it’s a skid risk.

"It looks as if it hasn’t been finished properly and has been done very cheaply.”

Resident Ian Preston said: "The resurfacing in Wassell Road is appalling.

"This is our money that has been spent.

"Surely the council are going to get the contractors back to put it right.

"Where is the pride in doing a good job?"

Councillor Simon Phipps, of Belle Vale wad, has received numerous complaints about the roads and has reported issues with the resurfacing to the council.

He said: "The roads are certainly in a very poor state just a short time after resurfacing work was initially carried out.

"Apparently there were issues with the machinery not working as it should.

"Regardless, a better standard of work is expected, so the council's contractor who conducted these works will be putting it right at their own expense."

Halesowen North councillor Hilary Bills said: "The actual machinery that cooks up the tarmac and spreads it has broken.

"It's very disappointing - the surface breaks up when cars start using it."

Cllr Bills said she had been reassured the council is dealing with the situation and that the contractor would have to carry out repairs at its own cost.

Councillor John Martin, Dudley Council's cabinet member for highways and environment, said: “Clearly something has gone wrong but we will ensure the roads will be properly repaired. "We are working with the contractor to understand what has happened and for them to rectify matters.”

To report complaints about road resurfacing or potholes call Dudley Council Plus on 0300 5552345, or e mail or go to the Dudley Council app.