A CAMPAIGN has been launched calling for a pedestrian crossing to be installed on a 'dangerous' junction.

A petition has been launched calling for Dudley Council to install a pedestrian crossing at Oldswinford Cross, after residents spoke up about their fears of crossing the notoriously busy junction.

Oldswinford resident James Stoneley, who helped kick start the campaign, said he 'couldn't believe' the junction does not already have safety measures in place.

James said: "Myself and my wife Kayleigh moved to Oldswinford almost three years ago and we live very close to the Cross. Living here it has become apparent just how dangerous the junction is and we just couldn’t believe that such a busy intersection doesn't have any form of pedestrian crossing at all."

James contacted Andrew Tromans, the Labour candidate for Norton in the upcoming Dudley Council elections, about his concerns and the pair have set to work to get a crossing installed.

Andrew Tromans, who also lives in Stourbridge, said: "This crossing has been dangerous since I was first walked to Oldswinford Primary School by my mum over twenty years ago.

"I am delighted to be working with local residents to push towards improving safety at this junction.

"If you haven't already please sign the petition- the more signatures we have the harder we are to ignore."

The petition has so far garnered signatures from over 700 people, with signatories voicing their support for a crossing.

Kayleigh Cottam wrote: "As a local resident I feel it's only a matter of time before something bad happens here. At one of the busiest intersections there is in the Borough, you risk your life trying to cross in any gaps in the traffic. Oldswinford High Street is risky to access as a pedestrian. A pedestrian crossing here would make the high street, shops and Tesco Express, not to mention local schools and college, more accessible and safe for pedestrians."

Lydia Ellis commented: "It’s too dangerous, there is no easy way to do it and doing it with a pram is terrifying! It would make the shops in Oldswinford village so much more accessible if you could actually walk there!"

Alan Lunt, strategic director for place and deputy chief executive at Dudley Council, said: “Dudley Council takes the safety of all road users in the borough seriously and we are always looking to identify opportunities to improve walking and cycling in the area.

“If the petition is officially submitted to the authority, we will carry out a full assessment, surveying traffic flows and current pedestrian demands, to identify if there is a possible benefit to upgrading pedestrian facilities in the area.”

To sign the petition, click here. James and Andrew are also holding a meet up for those interested in their campaign on Saturday April 13 at 10am to discuss the next steps at Oldswinford Coffee Lounge.