A KINVER writer has become a best seller on Amazon following praise from Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant.

Robert described The Magical History of Britain by Martin Wall as a 'remarkable book' and 'an inspiration from the heart of the Shire'.

The book traces the influence of magic and myth on British culture from the earliest times to the present day.

Due to his local roots, there is a strong emphasis on the ‘magical’ heritage of the West Midlands, what J.R.R Tolkien called ‘The Shire’.

But the darker history of the region features too, including the perennial mystery of Who Put Bella in the Wych-Elm?

Robert Plant says he was impressed by the sheer imaginative scope of the project, which has a significance both nationally and worldwide.

Martin began writing around fifteen years ago and has enjoyed modest success, but admits to being overwhelmed by the reaction to his latest work.

He said: “Since Robert’s post my publishers have been busy with enquiries from around the world and the book was briefly a number one seller in its category on Amazon.

"Amberley books, the publishers, are considering printing a paperback version sometime in the near future.

“We have discussed Robert writing a foreword to that, as he is so knowledgeable and passionate about the hidden history all around us. Only last year he assisted with a local heritage project I was trying to get off the ground – and it happened ‘as if by magic’.”

The book is available on Amazon or in all major bookstores and Martin hopes to build on this surge of interest in his work.

Martin continued: “Robert is a man of many parts with eclectic interests. His latest album, Carry Fire, has received widespread critical acclaim; there is far more to him than Led Zeppelin."

Martin has his own special memories of those days, he said: “In 1979 I worked on the stage-crew for Led Zeppelin and was right there on stage with them at the sound check.

"I was a huge fan, so it was an awesome experience, especially as I was only seventeen.”