RESIDENTS in Dudley has blasted what they say is unfair treatment, after a group of travellers have been sent to car park opposite their homes.

The travellers originally arrived in Brockmoor last Wednesday (May 1) and were moved on to Flood Street car park in Dudley by the council hours after their arrival.

A frustrated resident of Wellspring Gardens, a street which overlooks the car park, has questioned why travellers are being repeatedly sent to the car park from elsewhere in the borough.

Travellers have been sent to the town centre car park three times over the past year, and stayed as long as six weeks in January.

The resident, who did not wish to be named, said: "Why should our community have to put up with this?"

She added: "I have nothing against the traveller community, the issue is what they leave behind, like gas bottles and waste."

She said fellow residents are getting increasingly frustrated with the situation, and they feel that the council is not doing enough to address their concerns.

The resident called on the council to offer a permanent place for travellers to go to, and to provide a better clean up service afterwards.

Council chiefs have stressed that the move is a 'temporary measure'.

Alan Lunt, Strategic Director for Place and Deputy Chief Executive at Dudley Council, said: “There is a small encampment of five caravans on a disused car park near to Constitution Hill. The encampment was directed to this site as a temporary measure from a green space in order to prevent damage and disruption.

“They are expected to move on within the next few days and the council has legal powers in place to move them on should they not do so as promised.”