AN iconic Stourbridge landmark will be visited by paranormal investigators later this year.

The Bonded Warehouse is set to host the public investigation in the autumn.

Shropshire-based group Paranormal Friends plan to use a combination of spiritual and scientific methods in an attempt to communicate with the spirit world within the confines of the historic venue.

Co-founder Christopher Morris said: “We are absolutely delighted to be able to investigate this incredible location and are confident there is plenty to discover.

“There are many reports of paranormal activity such as unexplained noises, children’s voices and even including apparitions.

“It has long been believed the proximity of water to a location encourages spirit activity and with the canal on one side and the river on the other this surely bodes well for our investigation.

“Our pre-investigation site visit was very encouraging as several of our team were picking up on potential for paranormal activity when the lights go down.

“This building oozes so much history and character and we look forward to bringing our friendly and knowledgeable approach to investigating to this historic location.

“We have every reason to believe we are in for a good night of paranormal activity.”

The Bonded Warehouse held taxable goods such as tea, spirits and tobacco “in bond” until an importer redeemed them by paying the appropriate level of excise duty.

The barred windows and heavy barred doors of the warehouse bear witness to the high value of the goods once stored therein.

The earliest part of the building may date from 1799 but could include parts of a single storey building from the 17th century.

By 1829 a second storey had been added and it was extended again in 1849 during the Canal Company’s most prosperous period.

Chris Dyche, a long-standing member of the Stourbridge Navigation Trust, told the News he has always been sceptical about ghostly goings on but just a few months ago a speaker giving a talk at the venue reported seeing a figure on the balcony where the archives are stored and he said: "He said somebody was up there watching him while he was speaking - but we hadn't got anybody up there, we've only got a loft ladder to get up there."

He said a former manager of the trust had also reported feeling a presence in the building and whistling has been heard in the past.

Paranormal Friends plan to use a combination of spiritual and scientific methods throughout the night, including Victorian style séances, table tipping, glass divination and human pendulums as well as K2 Meters, spirit boxes, Rem-Pods and much more.

The investigation will take place on November 9 between 9pm and 2am.

Tickets, priced £30, can be booked by visiting