SHOPPERS are urged to be vigilant after a woman's credit card was stolen and cash pulled out from her bank minutes after two men spied her pin number at the till at Sainsbury's, Amblecote.

Police have issued the warning to residents following the incident which saw £1,800 taken from the woman's bank account.

Stourbridge PCSO Neal Hunt said a woman had paid for her shopping at the tills in Sainsbury's, Sandringham Way, where she was watched by two men.

The men then followed her from the store to her car and as she was putting her shopping in the vehicle one of the men asked for directions while the other opened her handbag, which had been placed on the front seat.

Her credit card was then snatched from the bag and £1,800 was taken out of her bank account.

PCSO Hunt said: "We are currently conducting CCTV enquiries into these offences and patrolling the area of these offences.

"There have been similar offences reported in the Blackheath, Cradley Heath and Oldbury area, where again vulnerable or elderly victims are targeted."

He urged shoppers to be mindful at any store and be vigilant when putting shopping away in cars.

Women are advised to keep their handbag with them at all times and motorists are urged to lock their cars when returning shopping trolleys to the store - even if they remain in sight.

Anyone who thinks they may have been followed to their car is advised to return to the store and speak to a staff member and ask if someone can check the location outside.

For further security advice visit the police website